Lower Fredericksburg Road Corridor Study

The Fredericksburg Road corridor within the WDC boundaries runs from where Fredericksburg Road intersects with I-10 down to where Fredericksburg intersects with San Pedro. San Pedro then runs into I-35 at the edge of the WDC area before continuing into downtown San Antonio, so this section of San Pedro could also be considered part of this corridor. The potential market that could drive development along this corridor will most likely not only come from the immediate area along the roads, but it will extend into neighborhoods about as far as a fifteen-minute walking distance and possible beyond considering the affinity for driving in the city.

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fredericksburg Road Corridor: Presentation

The Fredericksburg Road Corridor Study presentation was presented to the community stakeholders.  Click the learn more button below to view the presentation.

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Fredericksburg road corridor: historical records

We have compiled some historic records pertaining to the Fredericksburg Road Corridor. Click the learn more buttons below to view the records.

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fredericksburg road corridor: neighborhoods

The Five Points neighborhood is located just north of downtown and is bounded roughly by North Flores Street, Fredericksburg Road, San Pedro Avenue, Interstate 35 and Interstate 10. The neighborhood is one of the oldest in San Antonio and is the home to the San Pedro Springs park.

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