The WDC is governed by a 11-member board comprised of representatives from a cross-section of local stakeholders including small and large businesses, neighborhood residents, educational institutions, non-profit, health, and housing organizations.


Board Members

Ms. Hazel L. Davis

Mr. Lauro De Leon Jr.

Ms. Megan N.  Legacy

Ms. Cynthia A. Test


General Board Members

Janie Barrera
President and CEO, LiftFund
Category: Financial Institution

Dr, Emilio Castro
Superintendent, Edgewood Independent School District
Category: Edgewood Independent School District

Christopher R. Martinez
President, Central Electric Enterprises & Company
Category: Small Business

Dr. Thomas Mengler
President, St. Mary's University
Category: St. Mary's University

Stephen J. O'Donnell
Managing Partner, Hill Country Bakery
Category: Large Business

Donald "Mac" Rattan
Co-Owner, M&M Weatherization
Category: Small Business

Dr. Jesse Zapata
Sr. Vice Provost, University of Texas at San Antonio
Category: University of Texas at San Antonio - Downtown