The WDC is governed by a 14 member board comprised of representatives from a cross-section of local stakeholders including small and large businesses, neighborhood residents, educational institutions, non-profit, health, and housing organizations.

Board Members:

mr. Joseph Carreon                                                                                 PResident                                                                                              Category:  Resident


Mr. Moses Mark Hernandez                                                                     Vice President                                                                                    CATEGORY: Small Business


Mr. Daniel Yoxall                                                                           Treasurer                                                                                 Category: Our Lady Of The Lake University


Ms. Theresa De La Haya                                                                 Secretary                                                                                 Category:  University Health System


Ms. Hazel L. Davis                                                                     Category: Financial Institution


Ms. Megan N.  Legacy                                                                       Category: Non-Profit Organization


Ms. Cynthia A. Test                                                                  Category: Community At-Large


Ms. Mary Jordan Vexler                                               Category: Small Business


Mr. Lauro De Leon Jr.                                                              Category: Resident


Dr, Emilio Castro
Superintendent, Edgewood Independent School District
Category: Edgewood Independent School District


Mr. Christopher R. Martinez
President, Central Electric Enterprises & Company
Category: Small Business


mr. Stephen J. O'Donnell
Managing Partner, Hill Country Bakery
Category: Large Business


mr. Donald "Mac" Rattan
Co-Owner, M&M Weatherization
Category: Small Business


Dr. Jesse Zapata
Sr. Vice Provost, University of Texas at San Antonio
Category: University of Texas at San Antonio - Downtown