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2016 Annual Appeal

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The WDC depends upon support of individuals and companies to carry out its programming.  It enables us to help individuals realize their entrepreneurial dreams and change the lives of their families by building a brighter future.  Please consider a gift during our 2016 Annual Appeal.  We have a variety of community investment opportunities you can choose from:

  • For as little as $3.00 per month you can become a WDC Friend and support our overall mission.  While $10.00 per month entitles you to join the WDC Club and help the community.
  • The Workforce Fund at $500 provides youth scholarships in fine art print making and film/cinema job training.
  • You can help fund a scholarship to train teachers in the Edgewood ISD at the $500 level by investing in the Teacher Fund.
  • Fancy a new piece of art in your home or place of business?  Then check out the Westside Pews where the investment supports local artists, WDC operations, and the Teacher Fund.
  • BCBU sponsorship will enable two business owners to participate in a years worth of credit counseling.
  • Invest in fine arts printmaking by providing $1,500 for WDC operating support of La Printeria.
  • Want to help small businesses grow?  Then providing $4,000 to match with others including the WDC's $20,000 Business Growth Grant Fund will enable your investment to help fund opportunities for area entrepreneurs and businesses.

No matter what you choose or decide we are grateful for you and your investment.  To learn more go here to view all opportunities and benefits or if you are ready to donate please do so online by clicking here.


Westside Pews Project

The Westside Development Corporation (WDC) Westside Pews is an initiative launched by the Westside Development Corporation to promote public art from the Westside Community.  The Westside Development Corporation accepted applications from artists interested in participating in the project until artists were selected for the 14 available pews.

The Westside Pews Initiative is transforming pews salvaged from Jerusalem Presbyterian Church prior to its demolition into public art featuring artists from the Westside and across the City of San Antonio.

The pews are on display at the Westside Education and Training Center, 563 SW 40th Street, San Antonio, TX 78237

The pew sale proceeds will  benefit scholarships for para-professionals to become certified teachers as well as WDC operations.


2017 Westside

Honors Gala

Now Accepting Honoree Nominations Through December 31, 2016

Do you know of someone who has made significant contributions to the Westside?   
If so, nominate them to be a 2017 Honoree at the Gala in May.

Honoree nominations are accepted in the following categories:

Arts & Culture, Business, Education, Health,

and Public Service & Civic Leadership.

2017 Westside Honors Gala Honoree Nomination Form